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Creativity Challenge #2 – Where the Wild Things Are

“Thou strange piece of wild nature!” Colley Cibber Lions, four-leaf clovers, and hairs all have wild tendencies.  Though I love to hunt for them, I’m not in their category. Wild … Continue reading

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Creativity Challenge #1 – Nooks, Holes, Cracks, and Crannies

Its legs were kicking in desperation, hoping that someone would release it from its tiny crevice.  I’m not a fan of beetles (at least not the kind that crawl), but … Continue reading

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Tip-Toe Into Technology Boot Camp

We know technology’s important, but learning ways to keep our students engaged can be overwhelming.  The number of new tools available to educators grows daily.  If you’ve been around awhile … Continue reading

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Sign Up For The Creativity Challenge Starting In March

Leave a comment to let me know you’ll be joining me in the creativity challenge.  We’re all here to support you! Creativity Challenge #1 We look forward to seeing your … Continue reading

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3 L’s of Leadership – How To Lead From the Middle (Or Even The Bottom)

Are you a teacher leader? He systematically walked in and out of every room, disturbing and unnerving all.  The staff braced themselves for the sure to follow email  pointing out … Continue reading

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